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Olemme mukana 11-12.10.2023 järjestettävillä FinnSec 2023 turvallisuusalan messuilla Helsingin messukeskuksessa.

Tervetuloa osastolle 6n61 tutustumaan Servus-ohjelmaan ja älykkäisiin SAIK-avainkaappeihin!


DC60 with 12 key slots and cover plates.
Key in box ja puhelinmoduuli

Tuoteuutuus: Modulaariset MC kaapit avaimille ja muulle säilytettävälle omaisuudelle

SAIK has renewed its range with modular MC cabinets, which enable a completely new design of smart cabinets. Cabinets can be built module by module and even replaced later with a new module due to a possible change in usage. The user can design each module row of the cabinet to best suit their own use, or leave room for expansion for later use.

The MC cabinet can be built purely as a key cabinet, a locker, or by combining different key and locker options, you get a cabinet that serves many different purposes!

Do you need a phone park, a locker for forms or a larger locker for other property to be stored? Is there a need for just lockers, without keys? In the module selections of the MC cabinet, you can find different options for a functioning key cabinet.

Tuoteuutuus: Avainkoukkukaapit

Now available as a new product, SAIK-Keyhookcabinets for storing 50-200 keys. The cabinet has a solid steel frame, numbered key slots and a programmed door lock with a proximity reader.