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Smart SAIK Key cabinets and lockers

A safe, efficient and user-friendly way to manage keys in different environments.

Smart Key Cabinets helps to reduce key loss, misuse and improve overall security and efficiency in key management.

Choose yours from the carefully made and easily customizable key cabinets.

Ohjelmalla suunnittelet MC avainkaapin paneelit (avainpaikat ja lokerot), kosketusnäytön koon, lisävarusteet ja kaapin rungon värin logoineen.

In SAIK cabinets and lockers, you can find options for any organization at a competitive price. Cabinets are designed individually for the customer's needs. The size of the cabinet can be anything between 1-300 key slots, and the size of the lockers can be adjusted according to customer-specific needs. The cabinets are made individual, right down to the color of the frame and door material choices and logos.

Choose an individual color for the cabinet according to any color from the RAL color chart, or choose the standard delivery color. You can also choose a steel or glass door for the cabinet door.

The asset are stored in a steel-framed cabinet, protected by individual access rights. Only a person who has been granted access rights to the relevant key or compartment can take the item from the locker. Key borrowing time can also be limited to certain days and times.

The lockers can store for example keys, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, weapons, tools and various paper documents.

Cabinets can be equipped with accessories, such as a noise generator, alcohol lock, camera, various card readers and, for example, mobile phone/tablet chargers, allowing devices to be stored and charged at the same time.

SAIK-Key cabinets can be manufactured by burglary protection class 2.

MC cabinets are made according to the customer's needs from separate rows of modules. The MC 30 and MC 60 cabinets consist of five rows of modules, and the largest MC 120 cabinet consists of ten rows. Thanks to the modularity of the cabinet, when the need for use changes, the modules of the cabinet can be changed to meet the new need. Space for expansion can also be left with the cover panels, in which case the modules of the cabinet can be used if necessary by adding a new module instead of the cover plate.

Depending on the size of the cabinet, the modules can be selected with the following options:

✓ Key module for 3-12 keys ✓ Box module ✓ Mini box module ✓ Key in box module ✓ Phone module ✓ Cover plate

Katso esittelyvideo moduulikaapeista:

Equip the cabinet to a key cabinet, locker or a combination of these - there are many options

Servus Key management software

SAIK cabinets are delivered together with the Servus key management software. The software grants individual rights to key borrowers and manages and monitors key management events in real time. Ohjelmistolla hallitset automaattisten kaappien lisäksi myös avaimet, joita ei ole tarve sijoittaa automaattikaappiin.