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SAIK Key cabinets and lockers

A versatile selection of key cabinets and lockers for various key and valuables management needs

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In SAIK-Key cabinets and lockers, you can find options for any organization at a competitive price. Cabinets are designed individually for the customer's needs. Many choices can be made regarding the functions and appearance of the key deposits. Keys and valuables can be stored in key rings or and/or lockers, the number of keys/lockers in the cabinet can be made up with just the right number and size, and if necessary leave room for expansion. The size of one key cabinet can be anything between 1-300 key slots, and the size of the boxes can be adjusted according to customer-specific needs.

SAIK key cabinets and lockers can be ordered with a Standard RAL color code, or with organizations own RAL color. In this case, the organization can choose a color that suits its own design, and if wanted to, order a cabinet door with a glass door instead of a metal door with its own logo, name or text engraving.

The key cabinets are delivered together with Servus Key Management Software The software grants individual rights to key borrowers and manages key management events in real time.

The keys are kept in the key cabinet in a metal sealed ring, protected by individual access rights. Only the person who has been granted access rights to the relevant key can take the key from the cabinet. Key borrowing time can also be limited to certain days and times with disposable PIN codes, for example for renting a cottage.

With SAIK-Key cabinets and Servus-Software, all events from key lending, returns and key management are seen in real time.

Key cabinets and lockers can also be ordered with a breathalyzer. The vehicle key can only be taken from a cabinet equipped with a breathalyzer with an approved breathalyzer result. One breathalyzer is then sufficient for the entire company's vehicle fleet.

SAIK-Key cabinets can be manufactured by burglary protection class 2.

The built-in speaker of the cabinets guides the user in clear Finnish/ English, so the user knows the procedures at each stage of key borrowing.

A big and resistant 7 or 10-inch touch-sensitive display provides comfort of work.

Keys can be searched by name or stamp.


SAIK-Key cabinet

SAIK key cabinets can store up to 300 keys in one cabinet. The number of key slots can be decided individually. Key cabinets can be modified so that in addition to the key slots, there are also lockers, lockers with a key slot and, for example, an breathalyzer.

The SAIK key cabinets are managed with Servus key managemetn software which grants individual rights to key borrowers and manages and monitors key management events in real time.

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The SAIK locker is designed for storing more than just keys. The size and quantity of the lockers can be adjusted at the production phase according to the things that are stored at the lockes.

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