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Servus Key Management

Do you know where the keys to your organization are?

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Secure key management

Key security covers the management and storage of keys. Careful key security is very important for the company, especially in companies where external keys are stored. Are You working in a property maintenance, home care or other type of company that holds a lot of customer keys? Or are there multiple properties in your organization for which key management is your responsibility?

With Servus Software, key security can be affected in a number of different ways. Key management can be performed with browser-based software, which allows you to keep track of who has the keys in their possession, whether the keys have not been returned, manage locks, and hand over and return the keys using a signed acknowledgment form. The forms can be completely electronic if required, in which case the quotation of the keys will be confirmed by SMS or e-mail and the paper forms can be printed if necessary.

In addition to the key management software, electronic key lockers can be connected to the Servus-Key management, so that the keys can be stored in a locked key locker and handed over with predefined access rights.

The most versatile key management and peripherals on the market

With Servus Software, you manage keys, lendings and returns, and orders for new keys. You can divide the responsibility for the keys into different units in your organization. Events are logged in real time. Whether your company is small or large, regardless of industry, with Servus You manage the key management of the entire organization either centrally or decentrally, for example between different offices and locations. Events are logged in real time.

You'll see a snapshot of the entire organization, or an individual item, and receive notifications of deviations.

Fast electronic identification:

  • With ID, ID / driving license
  • With access control ID
  • Key with RFID tag


Servus Key Management together with peripherals form a whole with which you manage keys safely and quickly. You can find real-time information on keys and even borrow keys on the field. Extremely simple and fast!

See peripherals below.

SAIK Automatic key lockers
Signotec Sigma pad
Tags make it easier to identify and track keys

SAIK Automatic key lockers are manufactured according to the customer's needs.

In SAIK key lockers, the customer is free to decide on the desired equipment. Key slots and lockers of different sizes can be combined in one and the same solution - and leave room for expansion in advance if necessary. The cabinet is also suitable for public spaces. The customer can make choices down to the color of the frame and the details of the door.

The key locker is also suitable for public spaces. You can make choices down to the frame color and door details. If necessary, the locker can also be delivered with an alcohol lock.

See pictures below.

Digital acknowledgment speeds up and makes it easy to handover of keys and tags.

With the help of the Signotec signature pad, the keys are digitally acknowledged, which means that the use of key management software can be implemented completely without paperwork.

Allekirjoituspadi on saatavilla useassa eri kokovaihtoehdossa aina pienimmästä ainoastaan allekirjoitukseen tarkoitetusta Signotec Sigmasta Delta malliin, jossa voidaan tarkastella ja allekirjoittaa kokonaisia lomakkeita.

Does your organization need to tag keys or devices? If the keys move around a lot and are in the possession of several different people, it is recommended to tag them. Also when there is a need in the organization to monitor the use of keys more closely and you want to identify individual keys more reliably and easily, marking the keys is necessary.

In the Servus software, you can use RFID tags (RFID and NFC) and barcodes (barcode and QR code). With the help of the Servus mobile application. NFC codes can also be read with a smartphone.

We offer RFID, NFC tags and readers as well as barcode and QR code readers.