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SAIK gun cabinets

For all weapon types

For safe storage of all types of weapons

Electronic Gun Cabinets are safe storage solutions for weapons and ammunition. SAIK gun cabinets save time and enable quick access to information about what is currently happening with a particular weapon.

Gun cabinets are suitable for handguns, long guns or machine guns and different types of weapons - in one unit.

SAIK cabinets enable full control over the storage of weapons and their movement among employees. We build systems for multiple gun types and brands so they can be stored in one unit despite differences in size and weight.

The placement and size of the lockers, accessories and color can be customized according to the size and design of the cabinet.

The SAIK gun cabinet is not only for storing weapons - it identifies who took or returned the weapon and when.

Every cabinet, regardless of the solution, is equipped with an optical sensor.

OPTICAL SENSOR – checks whether the cabinet is free or occupied. It prevents an unauthorized person from opening the cabinet in use, allowing only the empty lockers to be used for a new weapon. The optical sensor enables a double check of the cabinet utilization rate: remote check using the software and directly on the device – with the help of LEDs installed in each cabinet and on the storage screen.

Gun cabinets can be equipped with several different detection mechanisms.

FOR DETAILED WEAPON IDENTIFICATION: WEIGHT SENSOR - compares the weight of guns and magazines with their weight before pickup. In this case, it is possible to assess whether the deposited object is a specific weapon, and to compare the number of ammo before collection and upon return.

RFID ANTENNA - reads tags attached to the gun and QR codes attached to magazines.

CAMERA INSIDE THE DRAWER - enables real-time viewing of recorded content. In this way, it can be assessed whether the weapon has been returned correctly.

Standard features of SAIK gun cabinets

  • The standard thickness of the steel case min. 2 mm.
  • Powder coated in any RAL color (standard – RAL 7037).
  • Installation possible on the wall and in wall recesses (if the wall material is not solid - the device must be installed on a rack).
  • Emergency opening with the supplied patent keys.
  • Alarm siren min. 120 dB is triggered spontaneously in case of sabotage (e.g. if an attempt is made to remove the device from the wall by forcefully opening the door).
  • Automatic voice control when using the device (in borrowings, returns, system events, warnings and alarms.).

Available models