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Below you will find a selection of our software solutions

Servus-Software solutions I Products

Finnish product family

The Servus software has been developed by the Finnish company Kvaliteam Oy, founded in 1986. The company has been located in Nummela, Vihti, since 1996. The first Servus software was delivered as early as 1990. At that time, the software was called SDS Servus Data Systems.

Customer-driven software development

From the very beginning, the software has been developed together with our customers. We are characterized by long and confidential customer relationships. We have received special praise for our fast and customer-responsive response in software development, user support services, and troubleshooting. With our software, we want to provide a quality tool to manage the security situation of our customer companies.

Our customer base consists of public administration organizations, institutions, cities, municipalities, parishes and companies.

A strong player in the software market

Our products are high quality and versatile, and can be integrated into existing systems such as HR, AD and access control. Servus is the only Finnish software where the organization can use several different software solutions simultaneously on the same database. Thus, one or more Servus-programs may be in use and their use may be decentralized within the organization to different units.

Today, Servus software is a strong producer in the software market. Our goal is to be a reliable, competent and supportive partner.

The basis for our security policy is KATAKRI, national security audit criteria.

Vierailujen hallinta

Guest management/ Guestbook

A software for companies and organizations that need to manage visits and access rights in different security zones and print and manage visit documents.


Key management

Key management; lending, returning and ordering of new keys - all in real time. Also lock management. You can use the key management program together or separately with the automatic key lockers.

Servus Turvallisuusselvitykset

Managing security clearances

For electronic management of security clearances.

With Guest management, the status of the security clearance of incoming guests / partners is always available and unidentified persons cannot be registered at the company's premises.


ID card production

Creating ID card templates, printing cards, and invoicing printed cards.



Freely designed electronic forms, for example, event notifications and their further processing, confidentiality forms, etc.



Receiving and forwarding service requests.


With the help of the Servus Event reporting program, you record events that need attention.

Are the alarms automatically forwarded? Is the reporting of events up to date?