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ID card orders

ID card production

Individual ID and guest cards for your organization

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Freely designed personal card designs

Separating the organization’s staff and visitors is an important factor in the security of the organization. Personnel, guest and partner cards are used to identify people at the organization's premises.

With Servus, an organization can design different card templates with its own graphical look. Card types can be different types, such as visitor cards, partner cards, and staff cards. If necessary, the cards can be tied for example to the organisation's units, so that you can even use a completely unit-specific, own graphic look.

The Servus card program allows the user to freely design the layout of the card (fonts, colors) and the fields to be printed on the card, as well as to add a picture of the person and the background image of the card. The ground materials of the cards are also available from traditional plastic cards to ecological rewritable cards. Card templates can be delivered pre-printed with the graphic look of the organization.

Can you easily find information about ID cards and access card orders?

With Servus Card Production, you manage your organization's card orders, as well as information about printed and lost cards. The program also takes care of card billing.

Order cards easily with an electronic form

With the Servus Card Order Form, the printing of ID cards is carried out with an electronic card order form, which significantly reduces the time spent on processing ID card applications and printing cards.

The card applicant can check the card information themselves, fill in the missing information and take a photo before the card goes into review and production.

The card printing program is part of the access pass management and guestbook programs, but the program is also available as a separate card production program.