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ID cards

ID card production

Individual ID and guest cards for your organization

Card types for different situations

Separating the organization’s staff and visitors is an important factor in the security of the organization. Personnel, guest and partner cards are used to identify people at the organization's premises.

With the Servus program, the organization can use different card models, with their own graphic look. Different card types can be used, such as visitor cards, partner cards and personnel cards. If necessary, the cards can be tied to, for example, organization units , in which case you can even have your own graphic look that is completely unit-specific.

The card materials can be chosen from traditional plastic cards to ecological rewritable cards. The card templates can also be delivered pre-printed with the organization's graphic look.

Free up the handler's time with Card production

If you want to free up the card handler's time for other tasks, Servus-card production enables card orders instead of the traditional processing phase. In card production, the card subscriber completes the card information for processing.

In Servus-card production, cards are ordered using an electronic card order form, which significantly reduces the time spent processing ID card applications and printing cards.

The card applicants can check the information on the card themself, fill in the missing information and add a photo before the card goes to review and production.